• EthnoMusicology

    Ethnomusicology When I began Ethnomusicology classes at the University of Minnesota, I realized that I was a living specimen of our studies. Playing with Turkish, Mariachi, Polish and Salsa bands, […]

  • A Tornado Named Har Mar

    People love to talk about the weather. If you are talking to someone with which you have nothing in common, there is always the weather. People are especially fascinated by […]

  • The Phantom Patriarch

    My grandfather disappeared shortly after my father was born. This is a story about that !

  • Workin’ on the Railroad

    In 1970’s, I took a job with the Great Northern Railroad during a period of rabid, corporate consolidation. Decisions are made on the basis of the business case and the […]

  • The River Serpent

    One of many stories of my life on the Mississippi

  • Franky Rides the Clipper

    In 1928 Saint Paul, Minnesota, my great uncle Frank Rothbauer ran afoul of the “Drys”, the Federal enforcers of the Volstead Act prohibiting the sale of alcohol. His death, at […]